Connections to: RZA/Wu-Tang
  bjork and RZA

RZA did a remix of Bachelorette. Wu-Tang also mentions Björk in a song. And it was rumoured there were some collaborative songs that Björk did with RZA/Wu-Tang. The exact rumour came into the world as follows:
At one time she said that they had produced enough music for an EP or something, but later she said that only one track resulted. Shortly after these rumoured sessions Tom received an e-mail from "a source close to Bjork" that said she had just completed two more songs being contemplated for Homogenic. One was called 'Jacko' (now known as Alarm Call), and the other was called 'Hands'. Somehow in either that mail or another soon after Rza was linked to the track.

When asked about her work with the Rza, Bjork said they were looking into ways of releasing the track in a way that gave them both equal credit, since it was a true collaboration, but that's about the last we heard of it.
  ( Source: Tom on BEP, June 2000 )